SEO & Web Design Skills

SEO By The Phoenix can help you rise to reach your goals. Inbound marketing through SEO & web design is your small business's way to the top!

Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization should be your goal. How you get there in South Jersey and Philadelphia is to hire a local agency that has experience doing local SEO like the Phoenix. Whether it is a full on SEO campaign or just a Google Local optimization campaign.

The skills of a qualified SEO comes down to knowing the formula for your business to succeed. From reverse engineering to outreach and everything in between. Our skills also lie in using the SEO tools that are available to track and report to our clients on the progress we have made. We rely heavily on Google Analytics and Webmaster tools to provide the data that drives your SEO. 


The important thing is not being afraid to take a chance. Remember, the greatest failure is to not try.


WordPress Wed Design & Development


Web design & development can take many forms. Here at SEO By The Phoenix, don’t let the name fool you, we do websites too. We can take any WordPress template to customize the CSS (font, color, all the pretty stuff) to make it unique for your business. That’s web designer’s dirty little secret, not much out there is original, a majority of the WordPress sites you see are just modified templates. However if your budget allows it we can certainly create a psd file with a unique design then turn into it html to be placed on the WordPress CMS giving your business a unique template of sorts.