Mobile SEO in New Jersey

Typically the mobile version of your site looks different than your desktop version. Well the search results on your mobile phone look different than on your desktop or laptop. Hopefully if you are small business owner running a website you are fully aware of that by now. So what do you have to do to make sure your mobile traffic is not going to your competitor? Let’s take a look.

First off do you have a mobile friendly website? If you answered no to this there are several reason you need to fix this immediately. While desktop search certainly isn’t going anywhere, mobile search is definitely on the rise. One solution is a m. subdomain or a mobile subdomain that carries a mobile friendly version of your site. Most of these mobile sites are condensed version of the main site to conserve screen real estate. One function they should have though that your main site does not is the click to call feature. Another avenue to have a mobile friendly site is to make your main site responsive. This is easily done if you are starting from scratch in WordPress and most content management systems. Even if you are already have a WordPress site that isn’t responsive a developer with a bout a day or two of coding can make your site responsive. The reason it takes this amount of time is because each page must be made responsive. Be sure to contact SEO By The Phoenix if you need a mobile site, we will whip you up one in no time!

Now onto the mobile SEO. Canonical Tags, screen size redirects, they all have to be in place to make sure the success (hopefully you’re having some) ┬áthat you are seeing in the desktop SERP’s of Google and Bing will carry over to mobile search. Mobile search is hyper local. What does that mean? Well if you thought there were a lot of local results on the desktops search there will be even more on mobile. Click to call and directions are also added features to the mobile SERP that you need to be optimized for. Take a look at your Google Plus for Business Page and make sure you have that optimized. If your site isn’t responsive then you can do a screen size redirect on your desktop site to determine whether your mobile or desktop website shows. Canonical tags are for the search engines. This tag you place on each page will tell the search engine you do NOT have duplicate content on your site, yet you are providing your website’s information in two (or more) different formats. Just make sure you install them correctly, read this from Google’s Webmaster Blog.

If you have a mobile website and once you have your tags in place make sure your meta data is carrying over. It is simply as cutting and pasting the meta data from your desktop site on your mobile website.

Matthew Engelson


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