Local Landing Page Optimization, Kinda

So for the first time I have a client where I am doing the optimization a page at a time. Not so sure about how this is going to work or not but I have to give it a try, right? I wrote the content, the meta data, and even tweaked some of the plug ins on this site for this client I have who represents individuals in class actions lawsuits. I tried to emulate to my best abilities the Local Landing page guide from Nifty Marketing which I find well, nifty and extremely valuable. I do believe I can get some traffic going to the site through these pages.

My concerns center around what is going on within the rest of the website, just from eye test I can tell some on-site SEO would certainly be in order.

I have to replicate this page twice with two different sets of content obviously and get each page indexed and ranking as soon as possible. How will I know with the no tracking software available for this client? Can my client provide me access to WMT? I hope so.

Matthew Engelson


PS Got access to the rest of the pages and I certainly have to redo the meta data but I am not sure that will be enough, still needs those pesky backlinks.


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